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Hi there, folks. So, you've stumbled upon my blog and want to find out more about the girl behind the words? Grab yourself a cuppa and let's talk.

I'm Kassi and, for as long as I can remember, all I've ever wanted to do is write. From short, snappy stories to lengthy, thought-provoking articles, my heart has always been at its happiest when writing. Despite my natural penchant for all things words, I've never been very good at describing myself. Although I would love to say that my life is jam-packed with excitement, I'm actually pretty boring. I love losing myself in a puzzle book. It's rare that you'll find me without my phone in my hand. I check the ASOS new in page nearly every day. I love looking back through old photographs. If there's nothing on TV, I will always default to watching friends (despite knowing every single world, no exaggeration). Even though I ~live~ for food, I'm actually quite fussy. I'm constantly guilty of not drinking enough water. My twitter feed is a healthy balance of serious political and feminist statements, combined with a daily stream of dog memes and videos.

Myself and my blog might not be for everybody, and I'm learning to accept that. But I do hope that you find what you're looking for. And hey, don't be a stranger. Get in touch at or via my social channels. There's a special spot in my heart for twitter and my instagram stories are always on the go.