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Thursday 5 March 2015


Photo by Alisa Anton on Unsplash
From time to time, we all need a breath of fresh air. Whether you need a break from studying, a break from heartache, or just a break from your hectic life, here are 50 ways to take one

Have a bath, make a cup of tea, take a nap, indulge in a bad movie, listen to music, call a friend, do some stretches, go outside, buy some flowers, visit a museum, turn off your phone, order everything in your 'save for later' list, do nothing, light a candle, get a massage, go swimming, write a letter to yourself, take a quiz, cook something healthy, cook something unhealthy, watch the stars, take a walk by a river, paint your nails, get lost in your favourite book, visit a zoo, discover new music, put an old pain to bed, organise your sock drawer, go for a jog, donate your old clothes to charity, learn something new, pick up a new talent, look through old photographs, people watch in a coffee shop, sit blissfully and do nothing, create something new out of something ragged and old, drink a litre of water, take a bike ride, play penny corner, go and see live music, meet up with loved friends, clean your house from top to bottom, revamp your make up bag, do a crossword, visit a garden centre, do something kind for somebody else, paint anything your heart desires, write a diary, wash your hair, catch up on your favourite blog

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