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Wednesday 19 August 2015


Here is a cheeky extra post to add to my blogging schedule this week, and it's an exciting one! I was kindly invited to go along to the Lush store in Nottingham last week to find out all about their new Summer collection. I'm sure that you're all aware of the fantastic Lush store that has opened on Oxford Street in the past six months, displaying a variety of unique and exclusive products. After a trial run, the absolute faves have been released throughout the country - thankfully including Nottingham! The evening was a fabulous way of introducing the new products to a select few bloggers, and was an amazing chance to have all my Lush questions answered! I walked out of the door smelling and feeling like a dream.

Bath bombs - forever my favourite products that Lush create. Simon, from the Lush Nottingham store, showed myself and Lisa all of the newbies, as well as a few reformed products. He talked us through all of the ingredients of each one, really concentrating on the individual feelings that each bomb/bubble bar would give you. For example, the 'Yoga Bomb' is just as relaxing as it sounds, as it takes up to 15 minutes to dissolve. This would mean that you could actually feel it dissolving around you as you indulge yourself in the sandalwood aroma. The two bath bombs demonstrated in the photos above are 'The Experimenter', a beautiful array of colours, and 'Intergalactic', which displays gorgeous blues and pinks. My absolute favourite feature of Intergalactic is the water once the bubbles have all dissolved - it literally looks like a sparkly night sky. What a better way to relax??? The other two bath products that caught my eye were the 'Milky Bath' bubble bar, simply because of it's incredibly creamy consistency, and the 'Skydancer - Far From The Madding Guns' bath bomb. This last one particularly touched my heart, as profit made from each bomb sold is put towards helping out the endangered Hen Harriers. Lush are such a warm hearted company, doing everything that they can to prevent animal testing, and the Skydancer bath bomb really emphasised that philosophy to me. (Even better, the yellow dissolves and you're left with a bird flying around your bath!!!)

Shower Gels & Jellies - I've never known a lot about the Lush shower jellies, and so loved learning all about how they work and what they do. Three newbies have been brought out - Needles and Pines (the green one), The Refresher (the yellow/gold one), and 93,000 Miles (the orange one). I was particularly interested in 93,000 Miles, as we were told that it is an incredible product to use post-run to really calm down your skin, muscles, aches, and pains. As I am really trying to stick to a running routine, I'm intrigued to see how the jellie affects my body afterwards! As for shower gels (which I unfortunately could not capture an in focus picture of, silly camera), the newbies are Wash That Man Right Out Of My Hair which, like it's name, is a very empowering scent, Beautiful, and Don't Rain On My Parade

Myself and Lisa spent quite a long time speaking to Jess, who was the most knowledgeable Lush staff member that you could ever ask for. She gave both of us a few beautiful hand massages, using Salted Coconut, the most beautiful smelling exfoliator, Love and Light, a simple hand cream that left my hands feeling luxurious, and Golden Handshake, which is pictured above. This one was my personal favourite, as I walked away with the happiest hands I've ever had. Whenever I am in need of a pamper session, I will definitely be reaching for this product to give myself a bit of an uplifting.

One of the best parts of the evening was meeting the lovely Angel, who had baked the goodies pictured above (and more). Lisa and I had a wonderful little chat with her about her immigration from California to Nottingham, and about her passion to work with the children that get forgotten about. That was what she put her heart and soul into over in the states, and she is selling her incredible baked goods to raise enough money to bring her job over to the UK. If you have a sweet tooth, or if you feel like extending a hand of kindness, please go over and give Angel some love here!

A massive thank you again to the amazing team at the Lush store in Nottingham. You were all so friendly and welcoming, and I will definitely be popping my head through your doors sometime soon! Have you tried anything from the new collection? Is there anything that you'd like to get your hands on?

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