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Sunday 24 February 2019


Yep, I'm answering an interview question in a blog post. But don't expect any of that bogus 'working happily here!' crap – I have big things in mind for the remainder of my 20s, none of which include standing still. Nu-uh, my size 5 feet will be tipping tapping their way to happiness each and every day.

Let's start with a complete contradiction of what I've just said (oxymoron is my favourite word, after all). There are a few things that I would like to do again, which doesn't ~technically~ count as standing still (she tells herself). Top of that list? To go skydiving for the second time. As long-time friends/followers will remember, I jumped out a plane 10,000 feet in the air shortly after my 18th birthday (insert 'rock on hand gesture' here). Not only that, but I raised almost £1,000 for charity. I know I know, I'm an excellent human being. All jokes aside, I would absolutely love to throw myself out of a moving vehicle (again) and raise an incredible amount for charity (again) – just hand me the parachute. Second on that last is to see some of my favourite music acts again (and again). Kodaline, Mumford & Sons, Ed Sheeran, Adele, Paloma Faith, Florance and the Machine... my money is yours.

Over the four years that Jack and I have been together, travel has been a big part of my life. We've crossed eight or nine different borders together – and believe me, that's just a warm up. Anyone who knows me will have heard me preminisce (is that a word?) about travelling across every inch of Italy's terrain. Japan is a close second to that burning desire, just with a slightly (read: significantly) bigger price tag. America also tugs on my heartstrings, despite its current political dismay. New Orleans, Chicago, Seattle, Nashville, Philadelphia – you're all on my 5-year wish list. If I opened a map of the world (which I often do) and stuck a pin in every location that I'd love to visit, I'd need circa 200 pins. Iceland, Croatia, Bali, the Maldives, Jamaica... the list is truly endless.

Now, let's get down to the srs business. Jack and I (hopefully, fingers crossed, touch wood, and the rest) will be flat-owners in the coming months. 5 years down the line, it would be lovely to have bought our first house (or at least be en route). I envision a ring on my finger, a bun in the oven/toddling around our home, and a four-legged, furry friend curled up in the corner. A gal can dream, okay? And my career? Who knows, in all honestly. If I remain within the copywriting profession, I'd like to think I'll have made it to a senior/lead position within 5 years – either that or have migrated across to an editorial title, writing longer prose (content) rather than snappy one-liners (copy). I hope to have inched a bit closer towards my dream of writing a children's book – with my friend Stef as the incredibly talented illustrator, it goes without saying. All I'm saying is to watch this space (and remember my utterly unforgettable name).

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