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Monday 8 April 2019


Hey kids, how are we all? I felt like going off-piste for this blog post, so I've crafted a (shoddy) poem about closure. It's full of emotional and (of course) drama – but that's what makes for the best poems, eh? Don't worry about me, I'm all gravy. Just miss one of my ex-best friends dearly. This one's for you, C.

Spare closure anyone?
'Cause I ain't got none
Can't close the book on this chapter 'till it's finally done
Got me more confused than when Donald Trump won
Got me feeling more gooey than a cinnamon bun
Got me feeling like a joke in a FRIENDS rerun.

She ain't over you, Ross
Her heart wasn't crossed
Don't want to deal with the loss
She was 'under' you, Ross
No, you ain't no empty vase
Like Julio thought Monica was.

How about you, d'ya know closure?
God only knows her
I'm sick of feelin' my heart bust over and over
Heaven forbid I catch her eye over my shoulder
'Cause this curse she gives, it's growin' colder
She cannot be tamed, no I cannot control her.

Lost? That's one word
But it's much more absurd
All the lines are blurred
Don't know where to turn
Gotta finally adjourn 
From your wished-for return.

I'm sorry, closure who? 
That's no one I ever knew
Don't even have a clue

Well, I wish that was true
But everything's askew
And it's all thanks to you.

My fingers goin' tap tap tap
All those talks I won't ever get back
All those idiotic kodak photographs
All those memories and every single laugh
Every thought of you leads to total collapse
But this story is unfinished, there ain't no climax.

In two years or ten years, or twenty perhaps
I'll stumble upon closure along the beaten track
I won't have used a map
Or a single mousetrap
I'll just close that chapter with one last whack
Knowing I did all I could to get you back.

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  1. I love this initiative that can display books that pictures have been reading. If there's a book the lost ways on the shelf, that's great