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Friday 18 July 2014


Two facts about me:
01: My magazine collection has grown sufficiently in the last few months
02: Just over two weeks ago, I moved into my new flat for the next year
Combining the two together, I decided to make a magazine mood board to decorate the bare walls of my new room. Truth be told, it's something that I have wanted to do for a long time. With a friend or two that have done it themselves, I'd always stare longingly at their walls, wishing I had enough patience and creativity to replicate their masterpieces. University halls was not the place to do this, despite how prison-like my walls last year were. Instead, I opted for a very One Direction central design (which you can see in my blog post here). Moving into a new flat with a new layout gave me the inspiration that I needed to create my own mood board, and so the cutting and sticking began! I must admit, even though I'm moving on from my One Direction theme, my mood board playlist consisted of a lot of their music... what can I say, a fan forever, eh?

Voila! The result of my burst of creativity. I flicked through all the magazines that I've collected from the past three months, including 3 COMPANY, 2 ELLE, 1 VOGUE, 2 STYLER, 1 COMPANY HIGH STREET EDIT, and 1 OFFICE catalogue. After searching through each one, I chopped them up bit by bit, removing all of the advertisements and incredible photography, until I had created a wall full of inspirational women and beautiful fashion. My mood board features women such as Cheryl Cole, Kate Moss, Sky Ferreira, Lorde, Kristen Stewart, Keira Knightly, Emily Blunt, and there's even an advert for Orange is The New Black up there! After filling up one and a half walls, I convinced myself to stop, before I had accidentally pasted magazines all over my entire room. Knowing me, I will get bored one day in a few months time and add to it, but for now, this is the finished masterpiece. How would you decorate your room, given a blank canvas?


  1. Hey there, lovely blog! I did a mood board in highschool, love the concept. I've just started following you, would you like you could follow me back?

    1. Thank you! I will have a look when I'm on my laptop in an hour or two :) xx