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Thursday 25 September 2014


Scrolling down my tumblr feed the other day, I came across this post entitled, '20 things I have learnt this Summer'. After reading through the list and coming away on a high, I decided to create a list all of the things that I have learnt myself. This Summer has been different to say the least, as it has been my first Summer not spent in Nottingham (saying that, I have headed home four times in the last three months, plus two visits from Mama Bear... shh). At the beginning of the Summer, the only person that I'd say I really knew was my flatmate, Cat, which was a scary feeling. With a little bit of magic, I pulled through, and have made some incredible friends. As the Summer has drawn to a close and the university year has started back up, life in Manchester has gone back to 'the norm' that I knew for nine months last year. As we are now four days into Autumn, I must wave a bitter goodbye to the Summer, and embrace the coming colder months with wide open arms... (I'm rolling my eyes at the thought). Anyway, here are the 20 things that I have learnt this Summer!

01: Making friends is definitely not as hard as it seems
02: Sorting out your own bills is complicated and expensive
03: If you want something badly enough, there's nothing stopping you from getting it
04: The nicer you are as a person, the happier you are too
05: DIY, hammers, and nails aren't actually all that scary
06: I’m honestly so happy to live in Manchester
07: Spending quality time alone is a great way to fill your day
08: Chuck Bass is the single greatest character ever created
09: The layout of your bedroom really affects how comfortable it makes you feel
10: Vanilla hot chocolate can fix anything and everything
11: You don't need to wait for New Years Eve to make resolutions about your life
12: True friendships are the ones where you can easily pick up where you left off
13: As long as you’re happy being you, nothing else matters
14: Take a blanket to a festival (to sit on in the arena during the day)
15: When in Turkey, never forget to put sun tan lotion on
16: Sometimes things end for a reason - and that's okay
17: As long as you edit your photos well, you don’t need to buy the most expensive camera
18: I spend far too much money in Starbucks (going back to numero 10…)
19: Manchester city centre on a Saturday is hell on earth
20: Sunflowers make my life better

What have you learnt this Summer?


  1. This is a nice list. I love looking back and seeing what I've learnt. Reminds you have good an experience can be and how much you can learn just by doing something new. Glad you had a great Summer, hope you enjoy starting back at uni.

    Emma x
    Writing Essays With Wine

    1. Couldn't agree more! Thank you, hope yours was enjoyable too! x x x