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Tuesday 15 September 2015


With the vast amount that I paint my nails, and my stupidly large collection, it was inevitable that an Essie polish (or eight) would worm its way into my Boots basket eventually. My collection began a year ago when my manager at Fossil revealed her dying love to me. Seeing how beautiful her nails were on a daily basis, I snapped and made my first purchase. 365 days later, my collection has definitely expanded, but I have made an attempt to be sensible with my choices. It has taken a significant amount of will power to have collected just eight in the last year, and only allow myself a newbie when in serious need of a treat. From left to right...

Too Too Hot - after purchasing this red, I have never looked back. Owning reds from other brands, I never had a dedication to one or the other. Too Too Hot, however, has taken top spot on my red-polish shelf, and is one of my most used polishes. Who doesn't love a red nail (especially when paired with a strong red lip)??

Merino Cool - if you're on the hunt for a deep purple shade, Merino Cool is definitely your guy. Perfect for the colder months, as opposed to a lilac throughout the Summer, it is very season appropriate right now. Purple is always one of my favourite shades when it comes to nails, and this little bottle has had a lot of use.

Tart Deco - I could not get enough of this nail polish throughout the Summer. It was even displayed on my toenails during my holiday to Spain back in June. I have never been a fan of orange polishes, but the neon slant on this beauty makes your skin glow. See it in my favourite earlier this year!

Maximillian Strasse Her - this is actually the polish that I'm wearing right now, after rediscovering it for this post! It is such a gorgeous greeny blue, making that little bit of difference to all of the blue shades out there. Green has never been a favourite for me, but this polish is the perfect depth to sit prettily on my nails.

Splash of Grenadine - this has been a favourite in my collection ever since I first purchased it, featuring in a recent blog post here. It is a very pretty pinky purple, which is brighter than I would usually prefer. Nevertheless, the purple undertone brings the colour down a notch, making it a much safer choice.

Tea & Crumpets - as discussed here, I may have picked this beauty up simply because of its name... but who could resist such a perfectly British label??? The name is what brought the polish to my attention, but it's the beautiful nude shade that sold it for me, being a completely unique colour in my collection.

Cocktail Bling - this shade was actually a recommendation by my Fossil manager, and I ran to Boots without another thought. I own very many blues, but with a grey undertone this shade is that little bit different to the rest. I can definitely see myself reaching for this throughout the rest of this year.

Blanc - I have always found that a good quality white polish is hard to come by. Whether it comes out streaky, or needs multiple layers to be opaque, not many live up to expectation. Blanc, however, is just like every other Essie polish; high quality and a glossy finish. It is also fab to treat yourself to a French manicure!

What are your favourite Essie polishes? Do you own any in common with me? Leave me a comment!

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