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Monday 5 October 2015


A strong red lip is one of my all time favourite make up looks. It doesn't matter what time of the year it is, or what my plan is for that day - a bit of red lippy always puts me in a confident and sassy mood. Always on the look out for a holy grail red, I thought that I would share my small collection with all of your beautiful faces.

Although this beauty is the newest to my collection, it is actually my favourite of the three. Being a new product on the shelves, I hadn't read anything about it prior to purhcase, but I was certainly not disappointed. With very little make up skill, it usually takes me an absolute age to apply a bright lipstick. Despite this, 'Siren in Scarlet' takes me 30 seconds to glide on, and sits on my lips perfectly. Upon first wear, it didn't bleed at all throughout the day, and it remained in place - even when food was involved! It is extremely creamy for a matte lipstick (as the name suggests), and definitely did not stick to any dry patches on my lips. All in all, it's a gorgeous lipstick, and I would love to try out some other shades in Maybelline's creamy matte collection!

I have definitely mentioned this lipstick before (as I'm sure most of the blogosphere has too), which you can read about here. This was the second pillarbox red in my collection, and is a lipstick that I am constantly reaching for. Like all of Kate Moss's collection, it ticks all the boxes. The smell, the texture, the application, and the lasting power - tick, tick, tick, tick. Again, as a matte shade, it is not drying in the slightest. The only disadvantage to it is that it doesn't last the test of food. Not many lipsticks do, and so I would definitely not let that persuade you away from making a purchase, but it starts to fide from the inside of your lip out.

The most expensive of the three, and the shade that I definitely wear the least, is MAC's Ruby Woo. Not only was it my first red lipstick - it was my first purchase from MAC as well! I absolutely adore this little beauty, and so I try to reserve it for special occasions. I tend to reach for it on date nights, family parties, and when on holiday. The smell is my favourite feature (as it is with all of my MAC lipsticks, see my collection here) and, again, it applies surprisingly easily for a matte shade. The only downfall that I can point out is that it begins to cling to dry patches the longer that it is worn, and you are doing yourself no favours at all when you reapply it.

I have ranked my three reds in order of most wearable to least, but I would whole-heartedly consider repurchasing each one of them. What's your holy grail red lipstick? Leave me a comment!

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