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Monday 16 November 2015


With November as my insanely busy and stressful deadline month for the past three years at university, I sometimes fail to remember what can be so great about this time of the year. With that in mind, I thought that I would put together a list of all the reasons that I love November, and why you should love it too.

- It's less than eight weeks until Christmas
- Bonfire Night is a magical time
- The leaves have completely transitioned to beautiful, crisp autumnal colours
- Cold weather is an excuse to make hot chocolate
- Candles smell so much better at this time of the year
- I'm A Celebrity! comes back onto TV (and who doesn't love a bit of Ant and Dec??)
- Scarves are one of the world's finest creations
- You know what they say... sweater weather is better weather
- The Christmas pyjamas in Primark are starting to come out in full force
- Christmas lights get switched on all over the country, making the dark nights not quite so sad
- Christmas markets start to pop up here, there, and everywhere
- The smell of November through to New Year's Eve—there's nothing better!
- It's finally acceptable to watch Christmas movies (not that that's stopped me from watching them all year)
- Advent calendars and chocolate galore start to pop up in Supermarkets, usually at a discounted price
- ...not to mention all of the Hallowe'en treats that you can get at half the price!
- 'Movember'; becoming a tradition now, what a fantastic way to raise money and awareness for Cancer
- Black Friday! Although I wouldn't be crazy enough to venture into real shops, the online sales are a must
- With colder weather brings rain (or more rain, in Manchester's case)—the perfect sound to fall asleep to
- The final Hunger Games film is released this month! Who else is excited???
- It's actually acceptable to stay inside all day, dressed in your baggiest jumper, wearing a blanket as a cape
- Paperchase is an absolute dream at this time of the year, Christmas decorations galore
- CHRISTMAS STARBUCKS AND COSTA DRINKS. This is, without a doubt, the most important reason
- Being allowed to shop endlessly, as it's for other people! This makes me more excited than receiving gifts
- The term finally coming to an end—my last essay is due on the 24th, and then I'm hibernating for a week

What are your reasons for loving November? Do you agree with any of mine? Leave me a comment!

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