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Thursday 29 October 2015


Photo by Natanja GrĂ¼n on Unsplash
Now that I have turned the ripe old age of 21, I thought that I would reflect on all that I have learnt in my life thus far. I did a very similar post to this one early last year, called '19 Things I've Learnt In 19 Years' (click here to give it a cheeky read). Here is my 21 before 21:

One—a smaller wardrobe is a happier wardrobe. Florals use to be my go-to fashion trend, but they have dwindled out of my life in the past year or so (and my stripe obsession began). I now try my best to buy clothes that can be worn in more than one way, meaning that my outfits can be easily mixed and matched.

Two—relationships are wonderfully rewarding. Before Jack came bounding into my life, my previous relationships were never anything special. In a strong, healthy relationship however, I have learnt that all of the silly and immature fights are worth the unconditional love from a person you absolutely adore.

Three—giving up chocolate for lent is harder than it seems. I attempted to get over my unhealthy habit at the beginning of this year, and failed within the space of two days. I did, however, manage to give up Starbucks for 40 days and 40 nights, which has had a massive influence on present Kassi.

Four—to do lists are the way forward. I don't know how I would juggle all of the activities and tasks in my life without making an organised plan of what I need to do and when I need to do it.

Five—childhood friends are not always going to be your friends for life, sadly. Some will stay to love and support you, whilst others will lost contact with you. It's not your fault; it's just the way that life is sometimes.

Six—you need not feel the pressure to be like everybody else. You do you—that's all that matters.

Seven—documentaries are bloody good TV shows. Teenage me would think I was crazy, but some of the best shows I've watched are factual. That doesn't mean I don't love a good Gossip Girl binge though...

Eight—there are three types of hyphen (dashes). Not exactly the most interesting lesson, but I've revelled in the knowledge for the past month and a half of being the Head Fashion Editor for the Mancunion! There is the normal hyphen on the keyboard (-), used to separate double-barell words; then there is the en-dash (–), used to separate two pairs of numbers; and lastly there is the em-dash (—), used as a connective in a sentence. I am such a grammar nerd...

Nine—you shouldn't be ashamed of what you like. You should scream to the skies about it! Never let anybody demean your loves in life. Talk about what you love, and keep quiet about what you don't!

Ten—surround yourself with positive people for a happy life. This is something that I have realised in the past few years, as I have gradually removed all of the negative people out of my life. The world is tough enough without your friends bringing you down as well.

Eleven—everything is hard and scary to begin with, but you have to power through. Every 'new' challenge has always made be absolutely terrified. I have wanted to quit most things that I've begun after a few weeks, but with the support of my friends and family, I managed to push through and overcome each challenge.

Twelve—the person you are at 15 is not the person you are at 21. Looking back through social media at the way I chose to present myself six years ago, I am actually ashamed. I was very ignorant on some of the bigger issues in the world, using offensive terms that I wouldn't dream of using now. Each year since has shaped me in a different way, and I can definitely say that I am starting to form into a whole person.

Thirteen—you can never watch Love Actually too many times. As not only my favourite Christmas film, but my favourite film of all time, Love Actually has a very special place in my heart. Despite having seen it countless times, and actually knowing the script by heart, I will watch it over and over again for the rest of time.

Fourteen—where you live and who you live with plays a big part of your happiness. Before moving to Manchester, I had only ever lived with the same three people my entire life: my family. However, I have lived in three separate flats in the last three years, and have realised just how vital your surroundings are to your overall mood. Living with Meg, a true friend, is a wonderful way to spend my final year of university.

Fifteen—you will send more items back to ASOS than you will keep (but that won't prevent you from buying from them in the first place). Despite the constant disappointments that ASOS send my way, I have found some real gems hidden in the depths of their website. My favourite pair of jeans, my favourite dress, and my favourite pair of shoes are all from ASOS. Swings and roundabouts!

Sixteen—Zara sells the best scarves. In the last two weeks I have gained two; one purchased by myself as a little pre-birthday treat, and one gifted to me by Jack. I also own an incredible yellow scarf from their AW14 collection, which is practically a blanket. In need of a scarf? Zara will be your best friend.

Seventeen—your mental health comes first. If a situation in your life is causing you anxiety and forcing you into terrible panic attacks, that situation is not worth it. Whether it's a friendship group, a living arrangement, a job, or education, you need to put yourself and your mental health first.

Eighteen—drinking water is one of the healthiest things you can do. This is something that I have learnt, yet still need to put into practise. I'm fully aware of how much healthier my body would be if I drank as much water as is advised, but it genuinely slips my mind. If you can take something away from this post though, drink more water!

Nineteen—there is never a wrong time to wear a red lipstick. Honestly, it puts me in the sassiest mood. I love the way that it contrasts with a monochrome outfit, and it motivates me to get out of bed on a Monday morning. Check out my blog post here about my fave three.

Twenty—being woken up early by a phone call isn't always bad news... as I found out recently! My best friend, Lyndsey, was my alarm clock on Monday morning, wanting me to be the first one to know that she had gotten engaged! She's already made headway with the wedding plans, and has asked me to be her maid of honour. Who would have guessed I could be so happy and proud at 7am on a rainy Monday morning!

Twenty-one—having a blog is one of the most emotionally rewarding hobbies in the world. This little corner of the internet has been my diary for the past two years now, and I truly believe that it has helped to shape me into the person that I am. Without an outlet for my stresses and worries, and a method of reflecting on my weekly life, happiness might not be quite so present in my life. If you are considering starting a blog and are unsure, or are nervous about other people reading your writing, I strongly advise you to take the leap. My blog is my therapy, my best friend, my second home.

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