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Monday 14 December 2015


This little gem was the highlight of my week when I was ill recently. I ventured into Lush after discovering it for this gift guide post, and picked up one for myself and one for Meg. Looking so dreamy and luxurious on the website, I couldn't give it a miss. At only £2.95, it is definitely one of Lush's lower priced Christmas specials.

I ran my bath like usual, which undoubtably included adding far too much hot water and having to balance the temperature out, and dropped the adorable star-shaped bath bomb in.  Straight away it started to fizz out into a bigger star shape, letting off a beautiful and soothing vanilla scent. As the star started to move around the bath, colourful stars began to appear from inside, spreading themselves out across the water. It was such a magical sight to behold! When in the bath, the water was just as glorious as any Lush bath bomb would make it, massaging my skin gently. Little red, green, and blue stars floated past me as I started to relax, and I was well and truly in heaven. Not quite as much of an explosive scene as Lush's Intergalactic bath bomb (which you can read all about in this pamper evening routine post), but it was just as wonderful.

Have you tried Lush's star dust bath bomb, or any of their other Christmas products? Leave me a comment!