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Monday 11 January 2016


Being late for a train is one of my all time biggest fears, which means that, when I visit Jack's family home, I spend far too much time in St Pancras. It always manages to draw me in and tempts me to indulge! Whether it's a new MAC lipstick or a trinket from Oliver Bonas, I simply can't say no. When returning home from visiting Jack over New Year's, and with 30 minutes to go until my train left the station, I innocently walked into John Lewis for a browse. That's when I came across the Origins Mask Marvels gift set with £10 off...

I had spotted it, full price, in Boots a few weeks earlier. I have wanted to get my hands on the Clear Improvement mask for quite a while, but I wasn't sure if I could justify spending £23 on one face mask. What if I didn't like it? Seeing four miniature face masks from their collection reduced down to £20 however, my mind was made up, with the cherry on top of the cake being that the Clear Improvement mask was included!

My favourite of the four masks is actually Out of Trouble. The scent is definitely very overpowering, but I feel like it really relaxes all of my senses because it's so refreshing. It dries into a hard mask on the face, requiring a hot flannel to remove it after 10 minutes. This magical mask seems to remove the excess oil from my skin, and has tackled a few spots that have popped up recently. My second favourite is Clear Improvement—I knew that I'd love it! When applied, it tightens my skin to the extent that I can barely smile, and I adore face masks that have that effect. In third place comes the the enchanting smelling GinZing. Described as waking up tired skin, it definitely puts a new brightness to my ever dull face. It's slightly odd to not have to wash a face mask off, and simply wipe it off with tissue instead, but the outcome is incredible. In last place, but no means least, is the Drink Up Intensive mask, which you are to leave on over night. This would probably work wonders for those with dryer skin than me, but applying this to my face feels as if it only increases the grease. Nevertheless, in the morning, my skin is no greasier than usual, which is a positive. It's definitely not my favourite mask, and I wouldn't opt to use it on a regular basis, but I would still highly recommend it!

I'm sure that all four of these beauties will last me well, but I'm already lusting after the Original Skin mask as well... Have you tried any of these face masks? Would you recommend anything else from Origins?

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