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Monday 8 February 2016


More often than not, I find myself wondering into Lush without a second thought. I never seem to go in with a purpose or an agenda, but my most recent visit was to specifically search out this bath bomb. Spotting it online amongst their Valentine's Day collection, I just knew that I had to have it in my possession. Knowing that a product is limited edition pushes me into making a purchase, and this bath bomb was no exception.

As soon as I dropped Lover Lamp into my bath, it exploded into a milky cloud. Tiny red hearts darted out from within the sphere and started to float around the water. There were three bigger hearts that also magically appeared, letting off a beautiful chocolate orange scent. The bigger hearts only last as long as you leave them be, which I discovered after picking one up to find out what it was made out of. It's a very similar texture to Lush's shower jellies, meaning that I was able to rub it into my skin in a soothing manner. Doing so released the powerful chocolate orange scent, and I sat back in my bath in utter bliss.

If you haven't picked one of these beauties up for yourself already, definitely head to Lush before their Valentine's Day collection leaves stores. With only one week to go until the big day, I'm sure that you can justify the treat... What've you been loving from Lush recently? Have you tried Lover Lamp?

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