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Thursday 31 March 2016


Photo by Kyle Glenn on Unsplash
After all of the recent atrocities and heartbreak in Brussels, Ankara, Istanbul, Iskandariya, Lahore, and many other places across the world that we may not know about, I think that it is important to look beyond the evil and seek out the good. It may feel as though another violent tragedy is announced on the news every single day, but hope is not lost. We cannot fight evil with evil: hate is empty, may we choose love.

Do not dwell on the wrong-doers and their heinous crimes. Do not dwell on the pain and the sorrow. Do not dwell on the death and injury toll. Do not dwell on the fear that your dear hometown may be next.

Rejoice in the love that the citizens of our world offer when such devastation occurs. Rejoice in the strength of those who have lost members of their families. Rejoice in the unity across countries differing in politics and religion. Rejoice in the knowledge that no matter how loudly evil shouts, love will always shout louder.

I remember when the Boston marathon bombing of 2013 transpired. Despite the horror of the attack, what is remembered is not the people running out of the fire but those who ran into it; those who took it upon themselves to brush aside the evil and help victims in dire need; those who chose to let good prevail. The frequent terrorist attacks that our world is seeing right now will be no different. It is those who help light shine through the darkest periods that matter, not those who put all of their efforts into making us blind. 

Whenever we next see evil within our world, please remember: hate is empty, may we choose love.

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