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Tuesday 5 April 2016


Have you ever been lucky enough to find your absolute perfect shade of nail polish? I have far too many almost partners in crime in my collection, but no colour has ever spoke so loudly to me than essie's 'In Stitches'. Every time that I stop and stare at all of the beautiful essie nail polishes in Boots, I always reach for In Stitches before popping it back. Like I said, I already own many similar shades, and so I've always put off purchasing it. On one recent shopping day, however, having not treated myself to anything for a while, I finally caved. In Stitches went straight in my basket and was soon dazzling afresh on my nails.

It is the perfect mixture of a 'my-nails-but-better' shade, and a deep mauve. As all essie nail polishes do, it applies like an absolute dream and is extremely long-lasting. I've been wearing this colour on my nails for the last ten days, and I can see myself reapplying it over and over again for the foreseeable future.

Have you ever tried essie In Stiches? What nail polishes have you been loving recently? Tell me your stories!

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