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Saturday 10 June 2017


As I sit here watching Happy Feet for the umpteenth time, I have found myself drawn to my blog for the first time in almost a year. It was never my intention to stop blogging altogether yet somehow this blog feels like a distant memory. Having a full time job has become my excuse for everything over these past twelve months; my excuse for a broken exercise routine, my excuse for weekend lie-ins, and my excuse for the silence on what was once my favourite corner of the internet. But here I am, tip tapping away on my keyboard as if nothing's changed, and I am finding solace in the realisation that I still have a voice that I so desperately want to be heard; whether just by my friends and family or by the whole wide world.

Visiting my blog today, I had one topic in mind: love. Living in Manchester for these past three weeks has been extremely moving and poignant, seeing everybody unite beside one another in a display of defiance against the hate that constantly tries to destroy us. We have shown the world that Manchester is STRONG and will not be defeated. The Great Manchester Run, my first ever 10k run, was an amazing event to be a part of in the wake of such a tragedy and the #OneLoveManchester benefit gig moved me beyond words. I have always believed that love can conquer anything and, Manchester, you have only furthered my belief.

Despite the government that will form as a result of the UK election this week, the election itself has also reaffirmed my belief in hope and love. With an incredible 72% of young voters taking to the polls and expressing their voice (opposed to 43% in 2015), I could not be prouder to be in that age category. I have never felt that my views and values fully align with any political party in the UK, but the last few weeks of campaigning has made me more passionate about the Labour party than I ever thought that I could be. Aspiring for change and the ability to make a real difference, I have actually decided to become a member of the Labour party! I definitely don't know all there is to know about politics, and my brain really struggles to follow economical debates, but I am excited to grow my political knowledge whilst supporting a party that I honestly believe can make a difference. Watch this space!

And with that, I shall bid you all ado. Here's to hoping that this blog will become more and more active as I am refinding my voice! And remember; hate is empty, may we choose love.

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