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Sunday 16 July 2017


The word 'summer' is used sparingly in the North West, with the sun often too shy to make an appearance and opting to hide behind the clouds instead. However, on the few days of the year that my sunglasses act as more than just a fashion accessory, Manchester is glorious. With a desire to explore new places in and around Manchester for the first summer that I have a car, Jack and I have discovered three beautiful new locations that I felt deserved a space on this blog. Each is more than worth a visit if you're ever up North!

Altrincham Market
A popular amongst lifelong Mancunions, Altincham Market is the most wonderful way to spend any Sunday. Full to the brim with stalls, a leisurely stroll could turn into hours of dawdling and window shopping. Whilst nosying around some of the jewellery stalls, I came across the most beautiful rose gold watch with a simple white face and a grey leather strap. After walking past the stall longingly two or three times, Jack kindly offered to put my mind at peace and gifted the beauty to me. Elie Beaumont watches can be found online here, but the stall that mine came from was selling it at a discounted price. The food hall was the most exciting part of the market by far! I was not alone in that thought, with the entire room packed, bumbling with people. The pizza was to die for and the coffee stalls surrounding us gave off the most peaceful aroma. If you're on the hunt for an afternoon of mooching and fantastic food, Altrincham Market is not to be missed.

Dunham Massey National Trust Park
If I were ever to be convinced to treat myself to a national trust park membership, Dunham Massey would be the driving force behind that decision. With a stunning hall, deer gardens that seem to go on forever and then some, and a flower garden that gives beauty a new meaning, it is the perfect place to spend a sunny afternoon. It even features its very own ice cream parlour with the queue stretching out of the door and onto the cobbled streets surrounding it. The gardens present some of the most spectacular flowers that I've ever laid my eyes on, making for a relaxing walk with magnificent views. Sitting besides the tranquil lake, I would have been happy to spend a lifetime watching the ducks swim by, happily quacking away at one another.

Fletcher Moss Park
Hidden deep within Didsbury is a not so little park that has stolen a piece of my heart. Able to visit throughout my three years of university yet unaware of its existence, Jack and I spent the most lovely Sunday afternoon there, strolling besides the canal and enjoying the beautiful scenery. With a peaceful botanical garden to explore and running parallel to a row of dream-worthy country cottages, it is the perfect option for a lazy, Sunday afternoon walk. Featuring a map next to the entrance of the park with three alternate routes to take, it even has the potential for a 5K run if you're feeling energetic!

Throughout the last few months, I've become accustomed to turning my Sundays into restful adventures, exploring all of the glorious sights that Manchester has on offer – the perfect way to unwind before the start of a new working week. Do you have any recommendations of parks or markets that we could visit? 

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