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Monday 11 September 2017


After four wonderful years of calling Manchester our home, the time has come for Jack and I to pack up our bags and move onto our next adventure – London! I never thought that I would end up in London. Many people feel drawn to head down to London as soon as they can, but I never really felt that desire. After a lot of thought and discussion, it seemed that the pros outweighed the cons and that London was looking like the best possible option for both of us! We'll be closer to Jack's family, we'll be able to save a bit of money whilst living at home, and the career prospects in London are far broader than anywhere else.

With just two weeks to go until we move all of our belongings 200 miles down south, we've been visiting all of our favourite places in Manchester. Jack's brother, Joe, and his girlfriend, Evie, visited us this weekend and we truly took advantage of having guests to show around. On Saturday, we headed to Altrincham Market to have a nosey and grab a spot of lunch before moving onto Dunham Massey for a walk through the deer park. Saturday evening saw a phenomenal meal at Australasia, a restaurant that Jack and I have wanted to visit for as long as we can remember. A range of sushi and meat made for four very satisfied customers! Sunday saw a beautiful Sunday lunch at mine and Jack's favourite pub in Didsbury, The Met. Having always wanted to try their fish and chips, I decided to indulge and boy was I pleased that I did! We then waved Joe and Evie on their way back to our almost-home before taking a drive through student central for one final time.

The next time that you hear from me, I'll be living down south, having a brand new adventure in Landan tawn. I never thought that I would say it but I am extremely excited to give London a go, no matter how sad I will be to leave Manchester behind. Cheers our kid, you've been a treat. Thank you for teaching me who I am.

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