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Sunday 27 January 2019


Handbags and I have always had a bit of a love-hate relationship. I've never seen the point of splashing out an inordinate amount of cash on a bag, as I can never settle on just ~one~ design. Do I want black leather or brown leather? Or perhaps I want suede? Do I prefer a shoulder bag or a rucksack? Or maybe a tote bag? Do I need a bag that could double-up as a miniature suitcase? Or should I opt for small and sweet? My mind constantly flickers between all of these options, meaning no two that I've owned have ever been the same. Fast-forward to November 2018: not completely satisfied with my latest companion (that I had been sporting since Spring), I set my sights on a style that seemed to tick all of my boxes: the bucket bag. And after a few months of searching? Nada. Warehouse, Next, H&M, River Island, ASOS; no matter where I looked, nothing was coming up Milhouse (insert ~hilarious~ gif here).

Just when I thought I had given up on finding ~the one~, I stumbled across a serious contender in the Zara sale. Tan, but not too bright? Check. Two straps to switch up how I wear it? Check. Not too big but not too small? Check. Perhaps this already sounds like a modern day retelling of Goldilocks, but this bag was ~just right~. So yep, you guessed it – I popped that sucker in my basket, checked out, and five days later I was cradling it in my arms. And I'm pretty sure this one is here to stay (but don't h8 me when my mind goes wandering and lands on a different option, triggering my hunt for the perfect bag all over again).

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