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Saturday 2 February 2019


That's right folks, this one's about weight gain – mine, to be specific – and how I'm effing owning it, jiggly bits 'n' all.

Let's be real for a moment. A few years ago, feeling ashamed of my body was a concept that I couldn't quite grasp. It was completely lost on me; a riddle with no solution, a door with no key. But now? I haven't just found the key – I've unlocked the door, crossed the threshold, and swallowed the key whole. And it's taken me the best part of a year to finally spot the (*cough* flashing neon green) exit sign in the corner of the room. Aces.

Sketchy metaphors aside (you get the idea), not a day goes by where I don't have at least one negative thought about my body. And that sucks. As much as I try to convince myself that the number on the scales doesn't matter, that my pesky muffin top should be the least of my concerns, that I already have a bikini body by default, I can't help but fall back into the same old thought pattern. Y'know, that a flat stomach = a happy life. Well, I'm finally ready to call BS on that.

Yes, I shouldn't reach for a chocolate bar every time I feel a tinge of sadness. Yes, I shouldn't scoff so much mac 'n' cheese (but seriously, who can blame me?). Yes, I should choose to walk when I'm only going down the road. Yes, yes, yes, I'm ~extremely~ aware of all of these things (and more, I'm sure) – but I'll be damned if I'm going to remould myself to fit into society's ridiculous standards. My weight, my body, my choice. Don't get me wrong, of course I don't want to damage my health, but my body shouldn't have to look a certain way for me to feel validated. Nuh-uh, not any more.

Let's not forget the MVP of Hundred Acre Wood. Oh Pooh Bear, where would I be without you? You rock a crop top with no pants and eat honey like there's no tomorrow – and you love yourself, regardless. So that's exactly what I've decided to do (minus the no pants part... there are ~some~ rules that I abide by, after all). I went up a dress size, so what? I just bought some bigger pants. And my self-confidence has never been higher (or lower). Eh, swings and roundabouts.


  1. Beautifully written, you're givibg us all confidence right there xx

  2. Inspiring article❤
    You're obviously beautiful inside and out don't let anyone say different.

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