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Tuesday 5 February 2019


As my Facebook status very cleverly stated, us two shmucks (i.e. Jack and I) headed to Lux for two days of... well, we didn't quite know what. Booking flights to Luxembourg was ~the~ most spontaneous decision I've ever made (which, if you know me at all, isn't hard to come by). On a cold day last November, my phone lit up with an incoming email from Jack's Flight Club: *weekend trips* flights to Europe. With no upcoming trips on the horizon, how could I say no?

So yes, a bit of a random choice, but it was a lovely trip nonetheless. With only 2 days to explore the city, we managed to stumble across more parks and inhale more hot chocolate than I thought possible. We're just big kids, really. After landing on Saturday evening and taking a (longer than anticipated) stroll to our hotel, we sat back, relaxed... and watched The Simpsons in French. Standard. Not many places were open on the Sunday (bad research on my part, woops) and so we headed for what we know best – food. After a little bit (*cough* a lot) of google-mapping, we opted for a cutesie restaurant called Urban. One word: yuuuuum. Next up? We decided to do the Wenzel Circular Walk – a route recommended to us by a friend's boyfriend's dad (yes, really). It was a beautiful walk around the historic areas of the city that we managed to cram with many a game of 20 questions. Once our tired legs had had enough, we made our way back to the hotel for an afternoon nap before making a beeline for a local Chinese. Food is always the best part of travelling, eh?

Monday morning came – we packed our bags, checked out, and walked back into the city for a final few hours of Lux. We made our way into the old town and found ourselves in a cool burger place called Lux'burgers. Once our server found out we didn't speak French, however, all niceties went out the window. Despite the weird atmosphere, the food was top-notch – so we couldn't really complain. What is it with us English and only speaking one language?? After a cheeky photo shoot that overlooked the Adolphe Bridge, there was one last place that we wanted to explore: The Belgian Chocolate House. We walked out one gift bag heavier and a whole lot happier – and that's what holidays are all about, right? Plus, the fridge magnet we brought home is in the shape of a spoon. Winner.

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