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Friday 9 October 2015


Every once in a while, I am granted a night to myself with no deadlines on the horizon. Becoming more and more of an oddity the further I progress into my degree, I am overcome with gratitude when an opportunity for a pamper evening presents itself. With a few freebies left over from the Nottingham Lush event I attended back in August (read the entire blog post here, it's a good'un!), I decided to set a night aside to relax in a sparkly heaven. Join me in reliving the evening, and discover my pamper evening routine!

First thing is first - I ran myself a bath. With an abundance of Lush bath bombs to choose from, I opted for 'Intergalactic', the freebie that I scooped up from the Lush event. I remember falling head over heels in love with the galaxy that the bomb created in the water at the event, and my pamper evening was no different. Vibrant pinks and yellows were bursting out from behind the blue background, as well as popping candy erupting as the bomb dissolved further into the water. When completely dissolved, a beautiful, glittery galaxy filled my bath. No photographs could do this bath bomb justice, so you'll just have to take my word for it. If you want to feel like you're floating through space without a care in the world, you need to soak yourself in the intergalactic bath bomb! Trust me: it takes all of your worries away.

Whilst my bath was transforming into a blissful paradise, I lit my gorgeous Zoella Beauty candle. Giving off the perfect, subtle scent, it fitted perfectly into the ambiance. This is one of the only candles that I own, and I have wanted to branch out for quite a while now. My birthday is very soon, and so if anybody feels like treating me to an autumnal candle, I wouldn't say no! And then Christmas is only around the corner...

Before getting in, I removed all of my make up with the Soap & Glory Drama Clean 5-in-1 Micellar Cleansing Water (read a mini review in a previous favourites post here), and then applied an exfoliating face mask. This was another free sample that I bagged myself at the Lush event, and is a product that I definitely want to buy a huge tub of sometime soon! It is the Cup O' Coffee face mask, and it smells exactly how you'd expect it to. It's probably not the best product to use in the evening, as it is supposed to be awakening, but the scent was too amazing for me to resist. The final step to my pamper evening routine was to make myself a vanilla hot chocolate (my Starbucks staple), and soak away with mug in hand - bliss.

What do you do to pamper yourself? Have you tried out any of the products I've mentioned?

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