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Wednesday 9 January 2019


Image note: bar a ‘meet the penguins’ experience (which I am still bouncing off the walls about, FYI), my fave festive favours were definitely these two b-e-a-utiful rose gold additions to my jewellery box.

Our latest pirouette around the sun brought me love, travel and (most importantly) dogs. My best friend welcomed her first daughter into the world, Jack and I explored four new places (plus one old one), and my family introduced two playful pups into the clan. Perhaps it didn't go entirely to plan, but that's okay; nothing ever does. Despite that, I wanted to pop my hopes and dreams for this year in writing in the hope that the universe has a lil' something up its sleeve for me. If you don't ask you don't get, right?

Main goal for the year:
Before I give you a break down of how I see the year panning out, I wanted to reveal my main goal for the next 365 days: for Jack and I to buy our first home. Crazy, right? They say to shoot for the moon but I feel like we're aiming for Mars instead. We've started to pull together our finances (who doesn't love a spreadsheet?) to see what we can ~actually~ afford. Little steps, but hopefully we're moving in the right direction and will have a little humble abode by the time the year's out.

In a few days time, Jack and I will have spent four wonderful years together. Time flies when you're having fun, and all that. Rather than tell you how bloody awesome my boyfriend is ~again~, I'll direct you to the love letter-esque post that I wrote at the back end of last year. It's super soppy – you've been warned.

My feelings for Mondays and for the first three months of the year are mutual, so I think I've inadvertently crammed those months with the best activities. Oops. As well as a two-day trip to Luxembourg at the beginning of Feb (which, might I add, was the most impulsive thing I've ever booked), Jack and I have a romantic spa day to look forward to, and on Valentine's Day no less. Big shout out to ma & pa for the thoughtful gift.

Let's be honest – if you've not heard a five-minute spiel from me about the ~best~ present that I received this Christmas (and perhaps ever), we haven't spoken recently. On the second weekend in March, Jack and I are off to London Zoo to spend an afternoon amongst the animals. But the main attraction? An intimate encounter with a group of penguins. I think I smell a new profile pic...

I'll admit, March to July is quite a jump. But who plans their ~entire~ year out in January? Having said that, the main event that I will be bursting at the seams about in July was booked in September last year – tickets to see Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. Definitely worth planning in advance, that one! What's better than a potter-filled weekend in London with your brother, his girlfriend, and your bestie?

Actually booking the flights have been on my to do list for the last two months now, but Jack and I will be jetting off to Spain at the end of July/early August for a relaxing week or two in the sun with his family. We enjoyed an extremely similar holiday in 2017 that was jam-packed full of incredible memories, photos, and a fridge magnet or two. Sunny Spain, come at me bro.

Jeez am I getting old (I'm sure I'll read this back in a few years time and kick past-Kassi for saying that). October is my birthday month and this year I turn the ripe old age of (drum roll, please) ~25~. Although I want to meet the cliché and say that I don't want to get old, in reality there's nothing that I want more. I already feel like I'm an old lady in a 20-something's body, so I might as well match my habits to the age.

The highlight of this year has been saved for the very end and for good reason, too. Jack and I are headed to the amazing New York City for four days in the middle of December for the most perfect pre-Christmas break. I absolutely adore New York and have visited twice before, but both times were in the summer. I cannot wait to explore such an amazing city with festivities dotted around every corner. Eek!

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